Caribou Falls, A Quick and Satisfying Hike

Take the Short Hike to Caribou Falls

Right on the Lake and Cook County line is the Caribou River. At mile 70.7 along Highway 61 turn into the state wayside parking area to start your quick and satisfying hike out to Caribou Falls.

Exploring the river

The beginning of the trail starts out flat and parallels the river. When the river is low this would be a good one to get wet and explore by walking right up the river itself (read about a similar adventure in the Devil Track River). The river welcomes you to sit along the bank, or at a nearby bench, to pass the time watching the gently flowing river (or strongly rushing river if it’s springtime).

Caribou River

Caribou River

Flora and fauna

The trail is pretty easy and mellow as it gently heads uphill and away from the river. Along the way, there is a lot of flora and fauna to admire, especially in late July at the time of my hike. Enjoy spruce trees with wicked roots, fireweed, blue bead, purple aster, and more. When you reach higher country the forest is filled with fiddle ferns.

Blue bead

Blue bead

Fireweed along the Caribou River


spruce tree roots

Spruce tree roots

To Caribou Falls

It’s about a half-mile to the falls. As you approach you can hear the roar! There is a stairway that assists you from the top of the canyon to the spectacular view of Caribou Falls. The stairs take you right to the base of the falls! During low flow conditions, you can explore the base of the waterfall and maybe even do a little swimming (with extreme caution of course).

Caribou Falls

Caribou Falls

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