Electric vehicle charging stations on the North Shore, MN

Electric vehicle charging stations on the North Shore, MN

Minnesota’s North Shore Scenic drive along Lake Superior has a number of electric vehicle charging stations to charge your Tesla or EV. Here is a directory of EV charging stations on the North Shore, MN. See a map at EVhype.com

Duluth electric vehicle charging stations

Your journey on the North Shore, MN starts in Duluth. Whether you’re visiting Canal Park, the Lincoln Park Craft District, or anywhere in between, there are a number of EV charging stations in Duluth. 

Scenic 61 electric vehicle charging stations  

Take a drive along historic Congdon Rd for breathtaking views of Lake Superior. Hunt for beach glass at McQuade Harbor, watch the surfers at Stoney Point if the waves are right, stop for some smoked fish or candy — or both! — in Knife River, and head up to Larsmont.

While charging stations are sparse between Duluth and Larsmont, there are plenty of plugs to recharge once you hit the small unincorporated town.

Two Harbors car charging stations

If you skip Larsmont, you have a few EV charging stations in Two Harbors, MN. Better yet, you can charge your electric vehicle in Two Harbors while enjoying the spectacular Lake Superior waterfront area. Take a walk out to the lighthouse, explore the Depot Museum, and stroll around Lake Superior on the Sonju Trail to Burlington Bay. 

Gooseberry – Silver Bay EV charging stations in Minnesota

Fortunately, many of your favorite stops along the North Shore Scenic Drive have EV charging stations! This stretch of Highway 61 is no exception, with the must-see Gooseberry Falls, iconic Split Rock Lighthouse, and adventure-lovers Palisade Head and Tettegouche State Park just north of Silver Bay.

Tofte – Lutsen EV car charging stations

The Tofte to Lutsen area has prime North Shore landscape for hiking, skiing, and breathtaking views of Lake Superior and the Superior National Forest. Explore all the things to do in Lutsen

Grand Marais to Grand Portage EV charging stations

The northernmost part of the state is known for being remote and serene, but you still have a few options to charge up! Whether you’re heading north on Highway 61 to Grand Portage or Thunder Bay, or up the Gunflint Trail, there are still a handful of EV ports in the northwoods.

Gunflint Trail electric vehicle charging stations

Information from evhype.com. Be sure to check with the appropriate parties to confirm details when planning your trip.

4 thoughts on “Electric vehicle charging stations on the North Shore, MN

  1. Scott Dewey says:

    This is a very nice information service for people who own electric cars and know what equipment they require. Unfortunately, though, it’s almost useless for somebody like myself who might consider renting an electric car. And the rental companies also seemingly don’t make usable information available to guarantee that there will be charging stations suitable for their electric rental cars. From the sound of things, there probably ARE in fact appropriate charging stations, especially along the North Shore corridor. It sounds like Minnesota has done a very good job of assuring a range of recharging opportunities. But I need to know that for certain, in no uncertain terms, for whatever model of electric rental car I might rent; and nobody seems to be making that clear. I do not intend to rent an electric car, then get stranded somewhere because there’s no suitable charging station. I should note: I LOVE electric cars, and have been waiting for them since the 1970s – but I deeply regret the lack of necessary information I’ve run into – which is mostly the job of rental companies to fix, if they wish to rent electric cars. But I get the impression that they haven’t done it yet. I was hoping to take an excursion up to the North Shore this weekend, because everybody says it’s beautiful – but I won’t do it until I get some proper guarantees, including definite locations with appropriate equipment, as to recharging options.

  2. Leslie MacKenzie says:

    Please update the site again so we know if there are more options

    • Melissa Dressely says:

      The only new ones as of 8/17/23 are Split Rock State Park Shipwreck Campground, Temperance River State Park, and Voyageur Canoe Outiftters at the end of the Gunflint Trail. We are updating accordingly.

  3. deb leavitt says:

    More CSS EV charging stations are needed please.

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