Norpine Fat Bike Classic, Lutsen MN

Norpine Fat Bike Classic on the North Shore MN

Fat tire mountain bikers unite at the Norpine Fat Bike Classic for an epic ride on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior! Don’t miss the chance to ride the pristinely groomed, and downright gorgeous trails of the Norpine Trail System in Lutsen, MN. 

Whether you are a competitive mountain biker or prefer a leisurely ride to soak in the scenery, the Norpine Fat Bike Classic has a fun way to get you out on the trails!

Norpine Fat Bike Classic

Riders take off at the start of the Norpine Fat Bike Classic

3 ways to participate in the Norpine Fat Bike Classic – 2022

Norpine Fat Bike Classic Race

The race takes place on January 29, 2022. There is a 30-mile Long Race with challenging climbs and descents. There is also an equally challenging 19-mile Short Race. It starts at 10 am at Cascade Lodge (and finishes there too). An awards ceremony and race party will be held at Cascade Restaurant for all the racers, which includes a BBQ.

Registration is $80 and includes a t-shirt, after race party, BBQ, swag bag, trail use fee, ticket for door prize, and more

Self-Paced Tour

This untimed tour of the Norpine fat bike trails in Lutsen is perfect for non-competitive folks that want to experience the ride on these great North Shore fat bike trails! Bring family and friends to complete the tour on your own time between January 15 – January 28, 2022.

The registration fee is $50 and includes a t-shirt, swag bag, trail use fee, prize tickets, and more. Start and finish at Cascade Lodge and ride out to the scenic (and challenging) Hall/Massie Loops and back for a 14-mile North Shore fat bike tour.

 Full Moon Guided Tour

Join this guided evening tour, timed perfectly for the full moon! The guide will lead the group on a 6-8 mile ride on January 15 at 6 pm.

Registration fee is $25 and includes tour guide, swag bag, ticket for door prize raffle, and more

Visit the Superior Cycling Association for more details.

The Best Fat Tire Biking in Minnesota

Fat biking on the North Shore, MN

The Norpine Fat Bike Classic traverses the pristine Norpine XC Ski Trails for this one-time fat bike use.

There are a few reasons why the Norpine Fat Bike Classic has become such a popular winter fat tire biking event on the North Shore, MN. First and foremost, it takes place on one of the region’s most pristine cross-country ski trail systems – the Norpine Trail System – and it’s the only time you can ride fat bikes on these gorgeous boreal trails. The Norpine Trail System has one trail designated and groomed for fat tire biking in the snow, but the event opens up a whole-nother section of ski trails for this one-time fat bike use. 

The scenery is outstanding! The trail winds through the Superior National Forest in the Lutsen area. Mountain bike through the tall pines and across wide swaths of remote boreal forest.

The 30-mile Long Loop boasts 2,700 feet of elevation gain and traverses through a variety of forest types. Starting at the Lake Superior shore, the course tracks north (inland) along the Cascade River and through a thick cover of spruce. As you reach the higher elevations in the Sawtooth Mountains, the forest turns to maple and conifer as you skirt the remote Deer Yard Lake, Lookout Mountain, and a mountain peak with one of the North Shore’s last remaining fire towers. After that, it’s an exhilarating downhill traverse to the finish at Cascade Lodge. 

The 19-mile Short Loop runs on the lower-lying trails parallel to Lake Superior. Beautiful stands of birch offer a forest of white sticks with the sun percolating in. This course has some lovely long stretches, with modest elevation change compared to the Long Loop. 

Map of Norpine Fat Bike Classic race routes – 2022

A North Shore Fat Bike Destination

Fat bike racers stay at Cascade Lodge, Lutsen, MN

The Norpine Fat Bike Classic takes place at Cascade Lodge, Lutsen, MN

The Norpine Fat Bike Classic is more than just a biking event. It’s a getaway to Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior to experience the relaxing beauty of the area and some of the best fat tire biking in Minnesota. It’s also a chance for regional riders to reunite, and for friends and family to enjoy time together on the Norpine trails. 

Cascade Lodge is the perfect home base for the event. Its historic lodge and restaurant offer spectacular Lake Superior views. The cabins sit behind the lodge and are surrounded by Cascade River State Park. The grounds offer a beautiful, secluded forest and scenic Cascade Creek. Not only that, but guests have direct access to the Norpine Trail System, Cascade River State Park, Lake Superior, and dozens of other local trails.


Racers can ride to the starting line.

Stay at Cascade Lodge and ride to the start of the race

Superior Cycling Association’s Signature Events

The Norpine Fat Bike Classic is one of the Superior Cycling Association’s signature events. They also host the Satwooth Challenge at Pincushion Mountain in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and the SheRides Clinic to help women improve their singletrack skills in a fun, supportive environment.

The Superior Cycling Association was founded in 2010 to grow mountain and road biking opportunities in Cook County, Minnesota. Through various partnerships the group has developed many miles of new singletrack on Britton Peak, including the new Jackpot Trail, and at Pincushion Mountain. A master plan has more trails on the way!

Norpine Fat Bike Classic, Lutsen MN

Racers take off at the Norpine Fat Bike Classic

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