Hike the Devil Track River Canyon

Hike the Devil Track River Canyon, near Grand Marais, MN

Hiking through the Devil Track River is a unique way to enjoy the water and a unique hike near Grand Marais, MN. The Devil Track River is typically a low-flow river, making it a perfect place to explore the canyon, wildflowers, and the gentle flow of the river. Add this to your list of hikes on the North Shore!

Devil Track River

Devil Track River

A great hike near Grand Marais, MN

From Highway 61, a few miles northeast of Grand Marais, there is a path down to the wide banks of the Devil Track River. There is no parking area, and please be mindful of no parking signs near the highway bridge.

Depending on the river level, there are pools of water to navigate around or through. This part of the river has wide rhyolite banks, making it easy to find dry walking. Weave your way around the dry banks for as long as you can, or sink your foot in the water and wade through the gentle flow. 

Part of the fun is getting your feet wet! During normal summertime conditions, the river has some beautifully clear, gently running, ankle-deep water that is fun to trudge through. You’ll definitely want to wear water shoes, and hiking poles would be helpful too.

You can hike all the way to the Devil Track falls if you want! Either way, it’s a fun and interesting hike that you can do close to Grand Marais, MN. 

Wide, rocky banks of the Devil Track River

Hike through the river canyon

This area is made up of ancient lava rock called rhyolite. The river has spent thousands of years cutting through the rock to create astoundingly beautiful rock walls. The river snakes through the canyon alternating to areas of sun and shade, showing signs of life everywhere. 

It feels amazing to be here – within the walls of the river and its gentle water, lush greenery, and wildflowers galore. The river bed is wide, so the canyon doesn’t give you a closed-in feeling like it’s neighbor the Kadunce River

This is a nice hike on the North Shore to experience wildflowers, aquatic life, the sounds of songbirds, and being in the water. And walking the river bed is just a little more interesting than walking next to it.

Rhyolite canyon walls of the Devil Track River


golden rod along the Devil Track River

golden rod

Black Eyed Susans along the Devil Track River

Black Eyed Susans

Tips for hiking the North Shore’s Devil Track River:

  • Respect No Parking signs and private property.
  • Wear water shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks, sticks and other hazards.
  • Walk with sure feet and take your time to prevent slipping.
  • You may want to use hiking poles for extra assistance.
  • Avoid deeper holes and stronger eddies.
  • Your feet can get cold and fatigued going through the water so be sure to monitor your distance on the way in so you aren’t too uncomfortable on the way out. When your feet are cold and saturated it is easier for them to become injured.
  • Watch for and be respectful of fly fishermen. 
  • Go with a buddy.

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