Top 6 North Shore Family Attractions

Top 6 North Shore Family Attractions

There are dozens of ways to spend a family afternoon on the North Shore, but you won’t want to miss these top 6 picks! 

North Shore Adventure Park

Silver Bay, Mile Marker 54

This brand new attraction is a tree-top ropes course and zip line experience promising thrills, challenges, laughs, and success stories for young and old alike. 

The North Shore Adventure Park is a tree-top ropes course and zip line experience promising thrills, challenges, laughs, and success stories for young and old! This brand new North Shore family attraction offers an aerial playground with 75 elements and 10 zip lines. It’s like a mini amusement park on the North Shore! 

North Shore Adventure Park, Silver Bay, MN

North Shore Adventure Park, Silver Bay, MN

Trails for all abilities

A network of towers, platforms, rope bridges, and obstacles is installed in the trees. There are six “trails” with challenge levels suitable for every age and skill level. Kids as young as three work their way across a trail designed especially for little kids. The other trails range from Easy (green circle), Intermediate (blue square), and difficult (black diamond). The easy trails have smaller rope bridges, easier obstacles, and longer zip lines. The advanced course has some pretty challenging elements. You’ll use your smarts and a reasonable amount of strength and endurance…can you make it to the end? And of course, there are a few good intermediate trails as well.

It’s a ton of fun, and the challenges build problem-solving skills, confidence, and success stories!

North Shore Adventure Park, Silver Bay, MN

This is one of the most difficult obstacles to cross!

Fun to play, fun or watch

The North Shore Adventure Park is just as much fun for spectators! Hang out below the trails to watch your kids, friends, and family make their way across the trails and cheer them on. 

Sound dangerous? Not at all! All climbers watch an instructional video and wear a harness, gloves are also available. There are trained staff members that monitor the park and will assist if needed. 

Zip line at North Shore Adventure Park

One of the zip lines at North Shore Adventure Park

This North Shore Family Attraction is open May – October. Advance reservations are recommended. 

Lutsen Mountains Alpine Slide

Lutsen, Mile Marker 90.1

In the summer, one of the most popular North Shore family attractions is the Alpine Slide!  It’s a thrilling summer luge run that takes you twisting and turning down Eagle Mountain. First, you take a chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. Then you walk your sled to the start of the concrete track (with a spectacular Lake Superior view, by the way). Finally, you board your sled and take off down the half-mile twisting, turning track! There are two parallel tracks so you can ride next to your friend. It’s amusement park fun for the whole family!

Lutsen Mountains Alpine Slide

Alpine Slide – twist and turn down a half-mile of track!

Summit Express Gondola

Lutsen, Mile Marker 90.1

A must-do North Shore family attraction is the Summit Express Gondola (especially during fall colors!). This leisurely and scenic ride is perfect for young and old. On this attraction, you ride the aerial gondola car at treetop level to the top of Moose Mountain (one of the North Shore’s tallest peaks).  At the top of Moose Mountain, you will experience unbelievable views of Lake Superior and the Superior National Forest! You will also find the Summit Chalet (which has an eatery with indoor and outdoor seating), hiking trails, and scenic overlooks. It is generally open year-round, but hours are usually limited in October – December and March – May.

Lutsen Mountains Summit Express Gondola

Take Lutsen Mountains’ Summit Express Gondola to the top of Moose Mountain.

Putt-n-Pets Mini Golf 

Grand Marais, Mile Marker 108.2

Putt-n-Pets is the best minigolf from here to Wisconsin Dells. This immaculately maintained course has lots of fun obstacles, surprises around every corner, and as promised, pets! Play your way around delightful features such as chainsaw-carved bears, a giant tortoise, a lighthouse, the Statue of Liberty, through a cave, and around a tower of goats. Yes, a tower of real goats! 

Putt n Pets Mini Golf, Grand Marais, MN

Overview of Putt n Pets. See the tower of goats?

Among the pets are goats, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, and a variety of other birds. The goats climb on a footbridge over the golf course to a look-out tower where they can watch you play. The animals live around the perimeter of the golf course, so as you play around you can visit and feed them. See if you can make the turkey gobble or the peacock show its feathers!

Putt n Pets Mini Golf, Grand Marais, MN

See goats and other animals at Putt n Pets!

In addition to mini-golf and farm animals, Putt n Pets has a prospecting tower where you can pan for gemstones. There are also coin-operated rides for little kids. AND, this is one of the only attractions that are open in the evening so you can play under the lights!

Rides at Putt n Pets, Grand Marais, MN


Prospecting tower at Putt n Pets, Grand Marais, MN

Prospecting tower

Putt n Pets Mini Golf, Grand Marais, MN

Overview of Putt n Pets

Putt n Pets Mini Golf, Grand Marais, MN

Lighthouse at Putt n Pets

Putt-n-Pets is almost always open from May – October. If there is no attendant, use the pay box on-your-honor. 

Gunflint Lodge

Gunflint Trail, Mile Marker 110 + 43

A 43-mile scenic drive up the famed Gunflint Trail lies the legendary Gunflint Lodge on Gunflint Lake. This four-season wilderness resort on the edge of the Boundary Waters has a few North Shore family attractions that promise true Northwoods adventure. Gunflint Lodge offers lakeside lodging, and the family attractions and dining are open to the public.

Towering Pines Canopy Tour 

Gunfllint Lodge Towering Pines Canopy Tour

Gunfllint Lodge Towering Pines Canopy Tour

The Towering Pines Canopy Tour invites you deep into the Boreal Forest that surrounds Gunflint Lodge. The experience is a combination of exhilarating zip lines and an exciting naturalist adventure. Climb into the forest canopy on tree-top platforms to explore the heavily forested lands from a birds-eye view. See unbelievable views of Lonely Lake, Gunflint Lake, the Canadian Shore, and the high cliffs to the south. Glide from platform to platform on eight different ziplines. Along the way your guide will share historical and naturalist information, adding an educational aspect to this exhilarating experience. Open May – October.

Horseback Riding

Gunflint Lodge Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Travel on horseback for a truly unique Northwoods family adventure. The wranglers at Gunflint Stables will match you up to the right horse and take you on a leisurely horseback ride through remote, forested trails. This is the most relaxing way to take a hike through the forest! Take a quick 3-4 mile jaunt, a 6-7 mile scenic ride, a half-day lunch ride, or an evening dinner ride. Open May – October. 

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